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Cinema Cuisine, Culinary Adventures Through Movie Themes - 2023

Eloges Funèbres - Editions du Basson, 2021

Écho des Masques - Concours de nouvelles Mélissa da Costa,  2023

L'extraterrestre, contes post-anthropocène - 2019

Petits riens nocturnes, 2017


Interview: I am illegal, Outfest 2023

Discussion: Dystopian Dreams curated by Aya Films, a film exhibition company based in Glasgow, UK

Les Echos de la terre, France Culture, Cause à effets Environment Magazine, 2017 

Quand la forêt s’invite en ville, UP magazine, Fabienne Marion, 2018




" A magnificent piece of experimental cinema. It’s a visual masterpiece that in a mere 10 minutes makes the the viewer contemplate the meaning of their own existence. "  - Raquel Stecher - Quelle Movies

" Humanity’s future has rarely looked so bleak and hypnotic"

" My mind was left blank with despair, all the more piercing for the film’s strange beauty."  - Giles Edwards - 366 Weird Movies

" Hypnotic head trip film about being human. If you want to go to another place and consider existence this film is for you  Steve Kopian - Unseen Films

" It  creates a surreal world that leads us to nihilistic existential contemplation."  Darrel Manson - ScreenFish



William L. Blizek - Journal of Religion and Film

Visually Stunning Movie Podcast

Scix Maddix - Horrorbuzz



Outfest film festival

POW Film Festival lineup

Loudoun Arts Film Festival lineup

Motel/X Film Festival 2021 lineup

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021 lineup

Florida Film Festival 2021 lineup

Finalists International Symbolic Arts Film Festival 2021

Slamdance Film Festival 2021 lineup

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