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Discussion: Dystopian Dreams

curated by Aya Films, a film exhibition company based in Glasgow, UK


" A magnificent piece of experimental cinema. It’s a visual masterpiece that in a mere 10 minutes makes the the viewer contemplate the meaning of their own existence. " 


Raquel Stecher - Quelle Movies

" Humanity’s future has rarely looked so bleak and hypnotic"

" My mind was left blank with despair, all the more piercing for the film’s strange beauty." 


Giles Edwards - 366 Weird Movies

" Hypnotic head trip film about being human. 
If you want to go to another place and consider existence this film is for you "


 Steve Kopian - Unseen Films

" It  creates a surreal world that leads us to nihilistic existential contemplation."


Darrel Manson - ScreenFish



William L. Blizek - Journal of Religion and Film

Visually Stunning Movie Podcast

Scix Maddix - Horrorbuzz




Eloges Funèbres - Editions du Basson

The Living Cities Forum, Melbourne

POW Film Festival lineup

Loudoun Arts Film Festival lineup

Motel/X Film Festival 2021 lineup

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021 lineup

Florida Film Festival 2021 lineup

Finalists International Symbolic Arts Film Festival 2021

Slamdance Film Festival 2021 lineup


Les Echos de la terre, France Culture, Cause à effets Environment Magazine, 2017 

Petits riens nocturnes, Licence d'Architecture #2 Delft, Esa, 2017

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