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Animated tale

Length: 10 minutes​

Language: English 


Human alienation

“There are three masks: the one we think we are, the one we really are, and the one we have in common” Jacques Lecoq 

Humans live in a state of sweet, sad and very passive resignation. The spirit of creation has died out; it wakes up, by atavism, only in a few individuals. Nature has reduced them all to the same face, a neutral and passive square face, almost as if they were wearing a mask. Humans no longer have any gender, men and women are reduced to the same body that famine has deformed. They all show eyes of anthracite, a wide chest, a reduced jaw and belly. 


Memento Mori

The revenge of the mineral

In an undetermined future, the earth's population has dropped from several billion to a few million souls. The oceans, spread out in abysses, now occupy only a small part of the surface. The water is only residual. The seas have disappeared. Mountains abound. The planet is undergoing the revenge of the mineral. The savage reappears. Naked. Many animal forms have perished, unable to evolve or adapt to such conditions. The last humans struggle but exhaust themselves from the draconian measures taken to survive. The survivors occupy only derisory islets protected by bubbles.

At what price does human power build its image? 


Who laughs last?

The first steps


The staircase is crushed by two high, dark walls that frame the light coming from the opening at the top. The distance between them seems to have been designed to accommodate the swaying shoulders of those they welcome. Countless figures descend in a row. Untiringly, their bodies sway from right to left. Their movement is mechanical and
synchronized. Nothing distinguishes the last humans.

Laughing chamber

Who laughs last?


In a world devoid of any feeling, emotions are only chemical reactions caused by an exogenous substance. The act of fake-feeling is a collective ritual meant to purge and to remind of the importance of the physical existence. Thus, the chamber is designed to equally distribute the laughter gas to each individual.